In the following pages, we will find several texts that can help us understand the differences between Spanish and Canadian immigrants and the laws that rule the Refugee Program. We thought that it would be useful to attach this to enrich the knowledge about Prudencio’s journey.

Los derechos de los inmigrantes, by Ubaldo Martinez Yeiga
The introduction of Los derechos de los inmigrantes is a clear guide to understand the differences between the rights of the immigrants and the inhabitants of a country. This writing is divided in different sections with the objective to help us understand how, especially in Spain, it is the bridge between the national and the foreigners.

La integración social de los inmigrantes extranjeros en España, by Eliseo Aja
La integración social de los inmigrantes extranjeros en España is an interesting text that explains, in order to demonstrate and contrast with the Canadian integration, how different types of Spanish immigrants act and live in Spain. It is a complete reading that gives a new point of view more analytical and especially based in stadistics. The topics it describes are very broad, and go from gender to the houses where inmigrants live.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations
Finally, to better understand the mechanism of the refugee program, we have decided to include the established rules of how it functions. Superficially, it can be seen as a simple request of protection, but as you will see in these pages, it is a matter of a high degree of complexity. It clearly demonstrates that the Canadian refugee program is one of the best of the world. These pages are a set of rules that explain the protection that the refugees have, how the applications are done, and how the officers have to act towards this applications.