Somewhere I Belong


Materials: Watercolour, Copic Markers, pencil colours.
Size: 29.5 cm x 21.5 cm.

This drawing is a visual representation of Prudencio’s world, with the places he has been to. Also, not only there are references to the idea of transnationalism but also to the problems of migration for certain countries.

1. Trip to the North: Unlike the main vision of “East and West”, in this case there is a difference between north and south: Mali is the third world country, and what we see is that the only option for survival is going north. Mali is the “past”, his origins and his ancestors’, and the blood symbolizes two kinds of blood: the blood in one’s veins, which defines his filiation, but also the blood that is shed in the country and made his family leave.

2. Who sets limits: Prudencio is going around the world; He does not set any limit and, therefore, lives in Spain and Canada, as a normal citizen or as a refugee. However, the compass ends in France: It is striking to know that his father, coming from Mali, could not enter France, colonizing country. The north itself sets limits.

3. Is this the solution? We should be aware of the problem in this case: we focus on giving a new home to the newcomers (if they are accepted, see the problematic of illegal immigration as well
and their desperate attempts to enter the first world). However, instead of that we should look south and try to solve the problem in the country of origin. That is, watering the roots of a tree instead of cutting it. Do we want peace? We should tackle the problem in that way and not washing our hands from our “privileged” place, the north.

By Carla Asensio, Clara Esquerdo, Anna Ferrón & Elena Peris