We are going to fill it with the rest of the parts of the portfolio.
This is a suitcase made of cardboard, but we wrapped it with a green cloth. We also added some stickers with the different countries related to Prudencio’s story and also this airlines box with our names.

What does it represent? Why this choice?
We did this in order to convey a specific meaning. The suitcase can easily be seen as a symbol of journey. Not only a physical journey to the different countries that Prudencio has visited, but also his own personal journey in order to grow up as a full person despite all the difficulties he has faced, in order to achieve his dreams. A journey that has not finished yet, but it is about to continue… The journey of life.
The cardboard symbolizes the fragility towards the difficulties, towards the prejudices and expected patterns that Prude has met in his life. As he says in the interview, a word that would explain his life is “confusion of identity.” This is because society tries to impose a series of patterns on him:

For Africa this is very marked because in the end you have to marry, to have some children. Evidently you have to do all of this, all. (…) And then here it is like if you are here you deserve to work in the fields or as a garbage man… (…) Because the society cannot believe it because we are always poor and that… we are poor and we don’t have time to move forward…

However, this cardboard is wrapped with a green cloth: A smooth cloth of the colour of hope. This is a metaphor of how he holds to his dreams, to his expectations and hopes for the future, in order to ignore those discourses that otherwise would limit him. As he says in the interview, people experiencing the same as him “must continue going forward because they can achieve their dreams. … If you have come here to work and have a job, work and achieve your goals and if you want to study, study, but don’t listen to these patterns that people mark on you.”

What is more, the green cloth has some stickers on it. There are 3 stickers of countries in the front part: Spain, Mali, and Canada, because these three countries represent major stages in his life. In the right side there is also a sticker of the city of Barcelona, which is where he was born, the point of origin. Finally, in the left side, there is his name written in stickers with images of the world map, because Prudencio, although considering himself a Catalan-Spanish and partly Canadian and linked to Mali, does not have a fixed identity, a specific nation really, but he is a citizen of the world, which can be connected to the idea of Transnationalism that we have studied in class.

Finally, we thought it was a good idea to write our names in an airline box because we are acting somehow as deliverers this fragment of Prudencio’s story to all of you and this choice of design does not break the harmony of the whole piece.

By Carla Asensio, Clara Esquerdo, Anna Ferrón & Elena Peris