I was born in the North;
My family is from the South;
I left to the West.

I was too black for the North;
I was too white for the South;
I was left in between.

I carry papers that describe me;
I carry labels that entrap me;
But papers will not define me.

“Who are you?”; “Who am I?”, I will reply: “I am black.”
“I am successful, I am nice.
I am handsome… and a free man.”

Bring me the flags, bring me the suitcase!
I might lose one, I might get another,
But I am me, even though my identity is not fixed.

My life is a journey to an unknown destination…
Let me guide you to the inner me.

By Carla Asensio, Clara Esquerdo, Anna Ferrón & Elena Peris